Ümit Bulut

Ümit Bulut

Hello, world.

I am an engineer in Turkey.

My Resume


I'm driven to natural sciences since i was a little kid. In high school i gain a lot of engineering vision. In collage i studied electrical and electronics engineering. During that time i decided to be an AI ve Machine Learning Expert. I'm still learning about it and i set my path to this way.

Work experience

I was lucky to work two field that i'm studying. I worked as electrical engineer 3rd Bridge for its' illumination and distrubition lines. Also in EPRA, i worked demand forecasting that help me to get insight about AI and ML.

My skills

Since I studied engineering, I try to get every opportunity to become better engineer and human. During my chairman times at SDU IEEE, I get leadership and management vision. Also, my internship times get me corporate culture and experience.